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Khwaja Imran Mohammed

Experienced IT Leader | DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure & Information Security Manager


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I'm an IT leader, strategist, photographer and social networker all bundled into a physical frame that needs trimming and an intellectual one that tries to expand constantly. I am a technology & engineering leader who is people focused, engaging and authentic. Technologist with a passion to simplify complicated things. I strongly feel that technology can change the way we do & see things...

My working philosophy; work hard, have fun doing it, make others laugh, make an impact. Simple as that. 

I'm a husband and the father of two bright sparks; Rida and Sidra. My personal philosophy; Be the best damn person you can be and live life like you mean it.

Most of all, I'm a work in progress...



Please click below to download my resume (CV) in PDF or DOC format. To download, right-click and select "Save Target As" to download the file...



I’m broadly available and willing to consider the right full-time opportunity. I am particularly interested in a Technology Management role/team that is focused on business results in growing market with a strong position in that market. An organisation that understands why it is different and better than it's competition (processes) and how my results matter to the success of the company.

I'm based in Sydney, Australia and I'm an Australian Citizen. The best way to make first contact is via email, which I check frequently.

Email me at 
Alternatively, call me on my mobile # +61-421731866



+61 421 731 866


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